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Zaheer Abbas Exclusve Collection At 3rd Pakistan Fashion Week London

Zaheer Abbas also presented its glamorous and exclusive collection at the grand fashion week. There were top fashion designers of Pakistan and Asia who showed the magic of their talent and ways of creation of new fashion trend in the region.

Zaheer Abbas Exclusve Collection At 3rd Pakistan Fashion Week London really shocked to western audience and cameras when Zaheer Abbas brought his dazzling and glamorous collection at the lavish fashion event.

Most of the British people think that Pakistan is only the place of cricket, terrorism, natural disasters, poverty, violence, madrassas and corruption—but they are shocked to see the excellence and powere of creativity of the Pakistani fashion designers.

And no doubt, these designers are also counted as “Pakistani people.” So, UK’s HELLO! magazine has already accepted the talent of our fashion designers—but British people will believe also. PFW 3 has been appreciated in the highly positive manners by all the stakeholder of fashion in London.

Pakistani Fashion Designer has worked in the really brilliant manners to get the appreciation and praised as about 38 leading brand of Pakistan of fashion and jewellery designing has featured their creation and collection to the international market of the Fashion Industry.

This was the third episode of Pakistan Fashion Week in London and with every next episode a big amount of people’s interest has come to see and the recent was amazing that was a two day glamorous event took place from November 17-18 where the international fashion community saw what Pakistan had to offer.

The recent year has seen many changes in fashion on the global level. The new year brought lots of changes in fashion. It is called modern era when every young girl and women likes to make herself more beautiful and eye-capturing—especially from the way of her wardrobe.

Fashion Industry of Pakistan is getting widened all over the world to make the world introduced with the culture, tradition and the fashion trend of the Pakistan and the Muslim Community.

Pakistan Fashion Week is also the organized by Pakistani Fashion Designers for the same account as they want to promote the Pakistan Fashion Industry on the international level.

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