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Yoga Exercises For Puffy Eyes

There are lots of reasons of hideous puffy eyes, some are medical and some are the way we treat our self and our eyes with, if you were born with puffy eyes then there are not too much that you can do for these eye, and it is a result of medical treatment or due to some disorder or illness then it will be fine with the time and you can hide them or make them less noticeable with some make up tricks or with some shades or you can hide them with sun glasses, but if you are getting puffy eyes due to lack of sleep or healthy life style then here are some simple yoga poses for your which will not only make them calm down, these are very good for your eyes and health of your eyes.

Here are a few simple yoga eye exercises for you:

Open your eyes wide open and blink for several times, and now you just need to move your eyeballs from left to right and then right to left, up and down, and then roll your eye ball all around and complete one full cycle and do that for 5 times.

Yoga Exercises For Puffy Eyes

Next is the clock exercise cause you need to stand in front of a wall clock and start staring at 12 for a second and then move to 1 and then 2 and you need to keep running your eyes from 12 to 12 for 10 times, clockwise or anticlockwise, but you have to blink for few times before stat any new circle.

Bring the palms of both your hands in front of you and while you are staring it, keep moving your hands away from your eyes and create the distance and keep looking at the palms and bring then palm closer to your hands, but you have to be really very focused on your palms. Continue repeating this exercise for another 5 times.

Eye Exercises fFor Puffy Eyes

Shut your eyes with the tips of your middle or ring finger massage the outer corner of your eyes gently once in clockwise and then in anti-clockwise motions and keep your eyes close and relaxed and now you need to rub your palms to make them slightly worm and cover your eyes with that for another 1 minutes.

Do you now that we all have punctual plugs in our eyes, you just need to press your eyes the way you are pushing away the air from the eye bags and push all the air on the pint and keep pressing your eyes with the same for one minutes.

Best of luck.

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