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Yellow Discoloration Of Nails

Yellow Discoloration Of NailsYellow Discoloration Of Nails, Nails are the to be properly trimmed, clean and of pinky shade have a symbol of good health and are presentable. But if there pink color change to any other then it’s the warning of some abnormality not to be neglected. Here some common cause of yellowness and as well as how to retain the normal color of  nails;


  1. The yellow color of nails is pointing towards many problems related to medicines as liver problem. Lungs abnormality. Blood deficiency, kidney disease, diabetes. All this can be checked by blood complete analysis and then doing proper medication.
  2. The fungal infection may also cause the yellowness. Because this fungus may be embedded under the nails and then weaken the nails by growing, if this is the reason then there will be bad odor and discoloration. It can be simply cured by taking oral anti fungal medicines.
  3. Sometimes excessive smoking also causes this if there is no other underlying medical problem.


The recovery will be much easy if we know the cause of it. However following measures may be taken.

1.      Use of nail polish remover to remove the debris and traces of nail polish.

2.      Before applying nail polish apply base coat to the nails, so that the chemical effects of nail polish should be reduced.

3.       Take some baking soda in a dish and add into it some hydrogen per oxide with dropper, stir the paste thoroughly and apply it on nails for 4 minutes, then rinse your hands with tap water.

4.      Apply lemon essential oil to your finger nails with cotton swab. this will not only  retain the original color of nails but also  make them brighten and nourish them.

5.      Try to avoid red or darker colored nail polishes without protective coat because they leave stains with yellowness of nails.

6.      Scrub your nails with toothpaste, this will give shining to nails and removes discoloration.

7.      Take a tablespoon of lemon juice and a tablespoon of baking soda and apply this paste by a swab, it will recover the original color of nails.

8.      Apply buffer and gently buff your nails.

9.      Take some water in a tub and add into it tea tree oil and  dip your nails into it for some time, it will retain the  color of nails.

10.    Soak your nails in solution of vinegar and water in proportion of 1 :2.to retain the color of nails.

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