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Xenab’s Atelier Present Elegante Formal Wear Dresses 2012

Xenab’s Atelier, who  is committed to providing high quality designer wear for women of all ages, launched the unique collection which is hard to find anywhere else due to its different look and most shining and eye-captured colors.

The  fashion house, which  works with fresh ideas, cuts and patterns to bring something new and creative to the market, is providing the best fashion dresses to their fans and clients. Elegante Formal Wear Dresses 2012 are in range of Rs.12000 to Rs.28000.


There are dark, bright and very relaxing colors used in the collection. These dresses of the fashion house are very beautiful and highly-worked which can provide a great look to the young girls and women.

The famous fashion house already launched many collections which remained very successful to make the place in the world of fashion and it was liked by lots of women.

Well, are you looking for the best formal wear dresses 2012 for summer? If you are looking that which are the best formal wear dressed then you are on right place because we are going to show you some dashing glimpses of such formal wear dresses which will provide you the best look.

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  • Website: http://www.xenabsatelier.com
  • Phone: +92-347-239-6259


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