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Wonderful Tips for Dramatic Eye Makeup …

Dramatic eye makeup is a prevailing eye makeup trend that is enjoying likeness of the ladies for a long time. Though dramatic eyes are amazing and draw out your natural eye color, but it is a bit tricky to create. To get a classy, dramatic eye look you should follow a few tips. Take a trip below and learn the tips that will enable you to create gorgeous, pretty-looking dramatic eyes.

Pick a Dominate Shade

The first and foremost trick for picture perfect dramatic eye look is settling on a dominate shade. The color and shade you use should flatter the original color of your eyes and should go well with your outfit too.

Intense Eyeliner

Eyeliner may offer you assistance in creating the very dramatic effect you are aiming to achieve. The eyeliner for the dramatic eye makeup should be kept bold and intense so that it can enhance your eyes while bringing out their innate color. Be sure picking the eyeliner shade that can go well with your entire eye makeup plus your eye color.

Thick mascara

Intense eyeliner should be accompanied by thick mascara. Apply two, three thick coats of mascara making sure that it stands out your eyes without making your lashes clumpy. As dramatic eye makeup look is all about long lashes, therefore it is better to go for lengthening mascara that can effectively add drama factor to your eye makeup.

Have a Theme

Your dramatic eye makeup theme should revolve around a theme. There should be some reason or rhythm to your eye make-up. So, choose a theme first and carry it all over your entire face get an incredibly dramatic makeup look.

Toned down Lipstick

Keep your lips toned down if you want to make your eyes really stand out with dramatic makeup. In case of overemphasizing both eyes and lips, you will end up with an overdone look rather than a dramatic one.

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