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Why Summer Vacations Make Kids Fat?

A summer vocation is the happiest period in a student’s life indeed and I bet we all remember that time when we use to enjoy long days and small nights and when we use to visit our relativities and use to have so much fun and so much enjoyment, but we are going to talk about the main reasons that make kids fatty during the summer vocations.

Normally when we go to school and play and study for more than 8 hours day and get regular food then you eat and burn and your body work according to the normal and perfect mechanism and that maintain a healthy body and a healthy lifestyle, but then we get relaxed and spend more of our time on couches watching TV or movies and that is one of a very big reason of getting fatter.

Why Summer Vacations Make Kids FatAnother big reason of obesity is an excessive use of junk food; we normally feed kids with whatever they want during their summer vocation and in the way to make them happy we let them eat whatever they want and normally they want ice creams, junk foods, shakes and all other sweet and candies and that make them fatty and unhealthy, I know that you don’t want to say no to your kid in the happiest days of their time, but if you feeding them with junk food make sure that they burn all of these calories too, make then run and jog for a while and that would be perfect even if they eat junk food.

Summer Vacations Make Kids Fat 1213Cola drinks are another reason for all of these unhealthy appearance, summer is hot and normally we drink too much and we normally drink juices, colas and other summer drinks and if they are healthy then it is okay, but normally they drink bad juices and coals and that not only make them fat and lazy, but these are very horrible for your teeth, eyesight and the health too.

How Summer Vacations Make Kids FatAt the end if you really want to make the summer vocation a healthy and good time for your kids then you should make sure that they eat well and they eat healthy and they do some kind of healthy physical activities too 🙂

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