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When Do Babies Start Walking

As the baby takes his small first step for walk he actually takes the big step to his independence. These are the most unforgettable and pleasant moments while the baby start to walk. The babies start to walk between the ages of 8 to 13 months. This period however is different in different babies depending upon many factors as genetic, physical health of the baby, his weight and your efforts in helping him to walk.

The following tips to be helpful for the babies in their walk:

  1. Make the environment healthy and friendly for child walking.
  2. As the child fall and rise many times during his walk make sure that the floor at which the child walks is not hard enough and all the sharp objects around him are not to be kept near him.
  3. The child is encouraged by toys and by praising words.
  4. Child is not encouraged to use walkers because in this way the child relies on it and his confidence for walking is not built at certain level.
  5. The child is allowed to walk bare feet, in this way his feet can get the grip at the floor and he start to develop balance more easily.
  6. While you are helping your children in walking not hold him by his arms or legs but by torso.
  7. In the beginning try to do massage of your child legs so that it helps muscles to be activated and strengthened quickly.


  • While the child start walking he tries to capture¬† and reach at every thing so try to keep all harmful objects which give harm in any way as electric devices. Switches, sharp objects all these are kept away from his reach.
  • The ground where the child walk not slippery.
  • The supervision is taken if there are stairs near the place of walk.
  • The shoes first to be taken for child are of comfortable stuff.
  • These shoes when wore to the baby he is allowed to walk in front of you for five minutes and then check any spot mark and irritation and also the tip and toe of the shoe is checked carefully.

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