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What is Silicone Cosmetic?

I had been reading things on-line and in books about the silicones and if it is good to use in skincare and beauty products and if they are bad for the skin or not, and I am sharing the best pick of my rescue with your guys and I will leave it all up to you if you want to use it or not, Silicone is a chemically derived product with occlusive qualities and normally it has been used to covers the skin to protect and keep the moisture in and we don’t actually know since when they started to add this in our skin care, but they have been doing that for a while now, it is very famous to fills in uneven skin texture and gives the illusion of great skin, so they use it in foundations and cancelers too and you can find it in almost all makeup primers.

Here are some points that shows that silicone is good for the skin, normally the molecules in Dimethicone are too large to penetrate into the skin layers which means they don’t go inside and sit on the top layer which means they do noting permanently, where as Silicone keep your skin young,

What is silicone Cosmetic

beautiful and moisturizer and it does not irritate the skin nor does it cause acne or any kind of other skin issues, it can help you with primers and liquid foundations cause it has a great ability of filling lines and make your skin look beautiful and smooth.

Supra Natural Cosmetic

Silicones also comes in oil-control or mattifying products too which will not only help you get smooth and mat look even in summer, but it keep absorbing the sweet and shine and make you look so fresh and beautiful.

Natural Cosmetic Preservatives

Here are some simple points that shows that it is bad cause it sits on the top most layer of the skin and you feel really very unpleasant and unhappy cause it is like you painted your face with waterproof wall paint and that will keep your skin from breathing and getting fresh looks and when it keep absorbing the sweat it keeps all the moisture, sebum, dirt and bacteria on the layer which will make your skin to breakout and that would be the start of a whole new circle of skin issues.

How to Make up Naturally

Should you avoid it? I don’t know, am I going to use it again? NO!

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