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Weight Loss Tips For Breastfeeding Mothers

Weight Loss Tips for Breastfeeding MothersWeight loss tips for breastfeeding mothers is the first step Breast-milk is the most nutritional and healthy first food for a newborn. Not only it keeps baby’s health in check, breastfeeding also accelerates recovery-process of the mom and helps losing extra weight gained during pregnancy. While there are numerous things new moms want to know about breastfeeding, the most common one is weight-loss during breastfeeding. This first and foremost thing you need to learn is that dieting or calorie-cutting isn’t the key to weight-loss, when you’re feeding your baby, but the biggest barrier. Human body keeps on burning calories all day long so as to perform basic physical functions like breathing, circulating, thinking, digesting and so on.

Weight Loss Tips for Breastfeeding Mothers Step By Step

Maternal fat stores act as best reserved energy source that always provide your body with sufficient energy for producing milk as per baby’s requirement. The goal in postpregnancy nutrition is to push the body to dip into maternal fat stores everyday so as to fulfill the increased energy needs. The weight loss tips for breastfeeding mothers can promote this process by increasing their daily calorie intake by 500 calories over their pre-pregnancy needs. This will make your metabolic system more efficient ensuring you a slow, steady weight loss.

Here are three key weight loss tips for breastfeeding mothers to shed extra pounds while producing enough milk for your baby;

Eat Every Few Hours

Since your newborn feeds every few hours so your body too needs extra energy to produce enough milk; so the new mom should always make sure to have some balanced meals or snacks after some time. Constant supply of nutrients will in turn help your body to burn maternal fat stores continuously.

Intake Enough Water

Though drinking enough water is necessary for everyone but for breastfeeding moms it’s crucial. Breast-milk is about 50% water and water is also important for proper working of metabolic system. New moms should in-take atleast eight ounces of water or other healthy beverages per day. Moreover, the requirement of water may increase depending on climatic condition.

Respond positively to ‘Hunger Cues’

Hunger cues are actually your body’s way of communication to converse about its energy needs and they must be responded positively and promptly. You can satisfy these cues by eating protein and fat-rich snacks to keep up carbohydrate level of your body.

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