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Weight Loss Shakes

There are numerous ways to loose the weight, starting from control of diet, heavy exercises to even use of pills. Use of pills is the most discouraged way of loosing the weight. The best way to loose the weight, while keeping your nutrition value high, is to use the shakes. These are normally made of vegetables or fruits. Before going in detail of how to make it, let me stress upon its advantages.

  • These are simple and healthy in ingredients and used as supplement to your food. Since these are also available in market, but instead, to save upon money, you can very comfortably make it at home. It only requires vegetables and fruits.
  • These acts as healthy servings of all-in-one minerals and proteins.
  • Protein shakes are especially important, since these reduce the calories resulting in loss of weight.
  • Average human beings require 40-50 gms of proteins in a day, which may be easily provided using one glass of protein shake (fruits, vegetables, whole grain and lean sources of protein) per day.
  • Protein powder may be used, in addition to low fat yogurts and milk for preparation of protein shakes.
  • A fruit shake reduces the toxins in the body and act as antitoxins, which are good for weight loss.
  • These shakes also act as enzymes, which are the catalysts for various chemical reactions taking place in body during digestions.
  • Using shakes, assists the body in absorption of vitamins, available in the fruits being used for preparation of shake.
  • The broken fibers of fruits, being blended in machines are easily available source of energy for body, and reduction of fat.

Few more unstated, but proven benefits are as under;

  1. Hair and nails shall be stronger.
  2. Skin will be smooth and fine.
  3. All essential elements required for metabolism remains available.
  4. Stronger bones
  5. Reduces the chances of blood clots
  6. Nerves functions are assisted.
  7. Hearts functioning is assisted and thus strokes are avoided.

Equipment and Accessories Required;

  • Juicer or Blender
  • Glass / cup / spoon for measuring
  • Glass for serving


  1. You just need to use the raw fruits, and can use either with or without seeds, depending upon the type of fruit.
  2. Fruits like water melons, pears, apple, grape fruit, orange, nectarines, peaches, papaya may be used for preparation of fruits.
  3. You may or may not peel it depending again on type of fruits as mentioned above
  4. Make sure that the raw fruits are used properly ripe. Over or under-ripe fruits shall result into bad tastes.
  5. You may use additional supplement or vitamins if preparing the shake at home, since this will provide extra energy required by the body.
  6. 8 cubes of ice, crushed with 50mls of water.
  7. Add 1 cup of low fat tropical flavored yoghurt
  8. Add one quantity of vanilla shake powder.
  9. Blend until all mixed well.
  10. Pour into a beautiful, chilled piece of glassware

Believe me, if you are hard pressed with your budgets and wants to avoid unknown ingredients of market available shakes, try the ones stated above and you will not only feel freshen up, rather your weight loss will be without loss of energy.

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