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Warda Lawn Collection With Prices 2015 Exclusive & Trendy

Warda has launched her beautiful Warda Lawn Collection of 2015. In this summer she has launched much different variety of dresses. Warda Prints have become successful and a well-known designer brand in Pakistan and is liked by the fashion fans. An innovative and beautiful collection of Warda Prints is launched on each case like on arrival of summers or new season, on changing weather, on Eids as well as various other religious and national festivals.

Warda Lawn Collection With Prices 2015

Warda Lawn Collection With Prices

WARDA Prints have gained popularity among cloth lovers. The dresses are designed as per the customer’s choice and demand. This collection contains three piece dresses, single shirt, two piece suits as well as prets. This collection is considered to be the most stylish collection offered by Warda.

Warda Lawn Collection With Prices 2015

WARDA designers at Warda Prints have focused on the needs and fashion requirements of the customers and then have designed this collection. In Warda Lawn Collection with Prices 2015, 2 piece suits, single shirts as well as three and four piece dresses are included. The customers are of the view that this collection is the most stylish and beautiful one among the collections launched so far. The designers have designed the patterns and prints very carefully and after lot of hard work.

Warda Lawn Collection

Warda Lawn Collection With Prices 2015 is quite improved one and is much better than past many collections. This brand has hired Indian actress Nargis Fakhri for the campaign of Warda Prints collection 2015. She is super model and has displayed the dresses very well. The designers have emphasized on the bright colors and the main color is orange.

Warda Lawn Collection Prices 2015

Warda Prints entered the market in 2006 but has gained a huge customer base. Now, this is among one of the best fashion brands in Pakistan. The ready to wear spring summer collection by WARDA is as per the latest fashion. With respect to the prices, dresses offered by Warda have low and affordable prices. The fabrics used in making the dresses are lawn digital silk, premium voiles as well as chiffon.

Warda Lawn Collection With Prices 2015

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