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Walima Dresses 2013 Designs For Girls

Walima Dresses 2013 Designs For GirlsWe are sharing some most trendy and the brilliant latest design with you and at the same time we will share some simple tips to pick the right kind of dress for your big day, we know that wedding or main day or Barat day is the most important day of your wedding, but you cannot deny that walima is very beautiful  and import day too and you do want to look good and you do want to look stunning  and perfect too, but at the same time it is not your wedding day, it is the celebration of your wedding and although you have your family and your other relatives to host the day, but actually your newlywed husband and you are the real host of the day  and you should not and not suppose to sit on the stage and ignore everyone else, you are the host and you suppose to be among the friend and guest and enjoy the happy gathering of your friends and enjoy meeting your new realities, know then and see them and get frank with them and for that you not suppose to wear heavy or thick dress which feel uncomfortable and inconvenient.Walima Dresses 2013 Designs For Girls1 Walima Dresses 2013 Designs For Girls2 Walima Dresses 2013 Designs For Girls3

As you can see that these season we will see long and lose shirts with sharars, arrha pajama, long skirt with a slit or anything you like and they all look so cute, but if you are using thick heavy shirt and dupata then it will be really difficult to move with that so it is better to use either simple shirt with heavy dupata or light dupata with heavy shirt and light and comfortable bottom, you need to understand that it is just a party and you can use a bit more glamorous dress cause it is a party of your own wedding, but there is no comparison between wedding day dress and walima dress, so you can pick any of these dress that we are showing you and they are latest and fresh and look soo good according to the season and new trends.

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