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Victoria Beckham Creates $25000 Handbag: Quality Or Expensive?

Victoria Beckham even more made expensive bags than before.  Victoria Beckham is a famous designer and we all know that she is very hot, stunning and very stylish women of the fashion industry.

At the moment the Victoria Beckham is placed in the top 10 beautiful women of the world and fashion industry. She started her career with the modeling and she started her career with singing too.


After that when she didn’t received the familiarity in these fields then she decided to do the fashion designer and then she started designing of fashion clothes, and people said she is the one of the best designer of the world and Some people said that she is the worst designer ever.

And they wished that the didn’t do any work and but she is the best designer of the of the men, and women. She is the expensive dress designer and she is one of the finest designer too, but now she is making many extra expensive bags and many other things are she made.

She is most popular in the rich community and she is famous in the all rich personalities. She make the bags which are very expensive and it is not made of any simple leather, it is crocodile skin, hand made and designed by Victoria Beckham. Its worth of $14.670.

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