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Veena Malik Return In Astagfaar Show

Veena Malik is known as the most “latch” celebrity who feels no any shy while showing off her bare body as she did in FHM magazine—even she defended it well when she was asked by several Pakistani women in Nadia Khan show.

So we can say that she has crossed the borders and limits of shame and she feels nothing wrong. And now, “HERO TV” is also going to follow the habit of Veena Malik who have decided to broadcast the episodes of Veena Malik’s “Astaghfar” to avoid from the big loss.


According to the sources, Hero TV had already paid upto 4 Million PKR to Veena Malik for the show recordings and 6 episodes of the said show has already been recorded.

The new TV channel is searching the best ways of “HIGH RATINGS”. Last week, there were lot of jokes, funny quotes, mobile sms when  Pakistan’s very own controversial child Veena Malik appeared on in a special Ramadan program “Ashtaghfar” on newly-launched “Hero TV” by Express Media Group.


But suddenly, these jokes, sms and quotes turned into a “really serious protest” on social network websites like Facebook and Twitter.

Hero TV’s “Stupid” decision showed that there are several media source who want “HIGH RATINGS” only whether they should play with religion.

We already knew that no one will be happy on this “Stupid Move” despite Maya Khan, Mubashar Luqman and Aamir Liaqat who have also become the big names of “HIGH RATINGS”.


Earlier, the promos and trailer was released by “Hero TV” in which blond actress asks for forgiveness with teary eyes from the Almighty during the holy month for her alleged sins.

Recently, Veena expressed her feelings on cancelling her show while talking with BBC Urdu, “Even before the show was released, people started saying that Veena Malik is not allowed to do this show. It is very sad.”


She further said, “Religion is a very personal matter for me. I am very religious, but it is something between me and my God. I don’t think a third person can stand in front of me and judge how religious I am or not.”

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