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Valentines Day Eye Makeup Ideas For Blue Eyes

Valentines Day Eye Makeup Ideas For Blue Eyes; Eye makeup is perhaps the trickiest thing in creating a perfect makeup look. Even if you have a steady hand, you cannot apply eye makeup flawlessly without enough practice. Besides sufficient application skills, a wise selection of colors and shades depending upon your natural eye color also has a big say in making your job just the thing.Valentines Day Eye Makeup Ideas For Blue Eyes

Valentines Day Eye Makeup

Speaking of inspiring makeup ideas for blue eyes, you should be going for something that intends to compliment your blue eyes. Here are some rules of thumb that will ensure you pick a right hue to play up your pretty peepers:


Before you pick an eyeshadow for your eyes, explore the shade of blue you possess. If you feature dark blue eyes, you are lucky enough to try everything from dark to light. But if the blue in your eyes are more on the lighter side, then you can use light shades only. Pink is arguably the best color to enhance beautiful blue eyes. Besides pinks; silver, gray, Lavender, taupe, violet, purple and turquoise are also known to bring out blue eyes nicely. Dark beauties can try bronze, gold and mint green as well to titivate their blue eyes.


Eyeliners are the highlighters of the eyes. A perfectly applied liner defines your innate eye shape making it more attractive. For the blue eyes dark eyeliners may be the best choice as it emphasize the blue eye color well. Charcoal gray, chocolate brown, dark blue, black and olive green colors work best for blue eyes. Furthermore, you may also want to give mint green, golden and silver a shot to experience new effects.


An eye makeup look is incomplete without mascara. It thickens up your lashes and makes them appear longer. No matter what your natural eye color is, dark blue and black mascara are best as they go with every eyeshade you are wearing. Valentines Day Eye Makeup

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