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Using The Right Makeup Brushes For A Professional Salon Look

Our face is the canvas on which we spread colors with paints using different paint brushes. Like a good workman his tools make his work worthy in spite of the skills he has. The make up is an art and this art adds much to your radiant look if beautifully used by the use of right things to make you right.

The make up skills are dependent upon make up brushes. We need make up brushes for each make up product as foundation, powder, blushers and applying shades to the eyes. It is game of using the make up brushes in an artistic way. and each product has its own brush available with the product but this is  either small or of low quality  in use that make the makeup difficult so for this purpose we have to go to cosmetics stores and take the right kind of brush.

Following tips should be kept in mind while selecting the right make up brushes for professional skills and looks;

  1. For the application of foundation use the brush which has stiff and densely packed  bristles, and about 1/2 an inch wide and slightly angled  to cover the creases under the nose.
  2. For powder application use the big brush with soft bristles and the bristles are not too open not to hold the powder. If these have any loose hairs it will be rejected and choose some good quality brand. The brushes with natural hairs work well.
  3. For blusher use the brush with flat head, slightly angled, short handle and with dense hairs, so that the strokes of blusher are soft and fine while applied with these brushes.
  4. The eye shadows brushes are with the soft and not lengthy bristles. The head of these brushes are with the size of index finger tip. These are also angled to apply the eye shades at the corner of the lids and the crease brushes with rounded contours are also used.
  5. For eye liner the brush will be blunt, thin ultra fine and angled.
  6. For mascaras the brush with the shape of tooth brush also works well.
  7. The lip brush will be retractable and with the cap and the bristles with the thin and dense bristles.

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