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Twelve Secrets of Happily Married Women

Twelve Secrets of Happily Married WomenFew days back I was listing to a chat show and they had a big group of teenagers and young man and woman and they were actually talking about weddings and marriages and what they actually feel about the relationship and the talk was totally a disaster, I was so scared that this is the coming generation is taking things  and that is the perspective, and I was so shocked that none of them were talking about the good things about bound relationship so I thought they might need to learn  what are the secrets of a happy married woman and that is one reason I am going to try to do that for all of you and I will be more than happy if any of you get help with these secrets.

Secrets of Happily Married Women

The Secrets of Happily Married Women

Am Sharing Some Simple Tips That I Personally Think is The Secrets of Many Happy Married Woman:

First and the most important thing that make any married woman or any human is positive thinking, you are a human being with a perfectly functional mentally function, so just because you are married, you don’t really need to stop using your own brain, put the good of your personality in your life and in your relationships, you would have certain characteristics, some are good and some are bad, don’t brag about the good things all the time and don’t try to hide the bad ones all the time, accept what you are and wok on it.

You need a good body for a good and happy brain and for that you need to add some good physical activities in your day to day life, whether it’s bicycling with the children, working out to a fitness video, or taking a class, you need to give yourself some good healthy time and it will not only remove the pressure and stress of things away from you, but it will help you get a better and beautiful body and healthy lifestyle too and that is one of the very important things for a person who wants to live a happy life cause it provides better energy, better fitness, better health, better understating, better self-image which make you a overall a better wife.

12 Secrets Happily Married Women Know

Next thing you need is a better eating, you need to keep a healthy weight in check which will keep you and your hormones in balance, as we all know a woman is a bud of hormones and when we keep it under control, we actually keep our mood under control, and no offense! But there are so many things which were completely your fault and you did it cause your mood was out of order, so try to eat healthy food which will keep you healthy and in batter mood too.

Next thing you need to do is pay attention on your appearance,  you are a working very hard and very much and you have lots of things to do every day, but still you need to keep an eye on your look too, have you see Sex & the City, have you seen Charlotte York Goldenblatt? She is the perfect example of a good house wife, she is classy and she is beautiful, she take care of herself too and at the same time she look after her house and her family too, whereas Miranda Hobbes is a good example what normally woman do in real life, they focus on earning or home and they ignore their hubbies and that is the start of all the issues woman face during the  married life, so pay attention on your look according to your lifestyle and the budget of your family and then pay all of your attention on your family and your Husband.

If you are so busy in your life and in your house then it is okay, but ignore all of your interests and your loves for the life and other things then it is wrong, it is okay for a very short time, but if you think that is the lifestyle you are going to live  for next 20-30 years then you are wrong and that will not work, keep in touch with your good interests and enjoy that time and that will bring happiness in your home and in your relationships too.

You are a woman,  and I personally think that woman is the most strongest and the most perfect creatures and she can do whatever she plan to do, the only thing you need to do is, stay determined and stay focused and you will be able to do whatever you like, you don’t need to be hyper or angry about things, a woman suppose to be kind, empathetic and understanding, you need to be good for sharing and listing, let your man come home from work and let him see that he has his best ever friend at home, who will listen to him and will handle the emotions without any insults, sarcasm and jabs and for that you need to be super smart and supper happy about yourself cause you cannot give the best of you if you don’t have yourself the best of yourself, do you know what I am saying? You need to have a peaceful personality and then it will help you get the peace in your life.

No matter how much happy and successful you are with your professional life or no matter how good you are with your work, but if you are a failure with your kids and your home then you are a unhappy person for sure, so try to be good with that first, be very polite and courteous to your husbands, children, clerks at the grocery store, mail carriers, and all others they you daily and let your kids see what kind of person you are and trust me, you would never have to work on your kids and their manners, they will see you and will learn for sure and one day you will actually see them doing the exact same.

Now, I tell you a secret, you love your husband and you want to keep him at home all the time, or at least all the time after work, but if you want to keep you relationship healthy and if you want to keep and make him happy then you need to give him his space, let him go put for couple of nights during the week or over the weekends with his friends, male or female, don’t push him to make any kind of changing  in his bachelor life, and trust him, you need to give him full respect, you need to give him time out and at that time you can enjoy your time out too, watch movie, go out, call your girlfriends home and enjoy slumber party  and it will not only keep your partner and you happy and relaxed, but it will bring you two so close and it will make your relationship even stronger, when he is playing or watching match or sometime, let him do that and be happy that he is there with you.

You need to keep the happy and beautiful things alive in your relationship, greet your husband with a smile, eye contact and a hug at the end of each day, keep good or beautiful things for him, even if he doesn’t do that or doesn’t appreciate it, still do it for your own self, and you will see it will keep things beautiful between you two.

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Arrange fun activities with your partner, sometime with all of the friend and family circle and sometime just you two, hire a babysitter and take your man out for foot baths or body massage or for anything that he like or you both likes and you two would love that, I am not saying that you need to think about him all the time, you can do something you like and ask him to come with you too and I assume he will be more than happy to do that.

You should have lots of expectations from yourselves and from your husband too, normally people say if you want to be happy don’t expect, but I think when you keep doing things and don’t expect, that shows a very sad relationship and it is not healthy either.

Last but not least, love yourself, your family and enjoy that life you have.

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