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Tips & Tricks For Smaller Eyes

Makeup is a very interesting and tricky thing, you can get beautiful looks with that and you can use it to hide your bad features and you can use it to enhance the beautiful  and best features of your look too and toady we are going to give you some simple tips  which can be use to get bigger looking eyes, you can use that tricks to make your smaller looking eyes prominent and enhance the features of your face too, they are not too difficult, with the passage of time and with some practice you will be actually able to get pro fins and perfect looks too, so here are those tips for you to create an illusion of beautiful  and attractive eyes.

If you want to get beautiful  eyes then you will always start with well groomed eyebrows, this is one thing that can actually reshaped your whole look at once, a best looking eye brow not only can enhance your eyes, but it can enhance the shape of your face too, it is best to get a pro help, cause if you have never done it at home then you should not do that to avoid any bad experience,  and never skip your reshaping appointment with your beautician and always use eye brow powder to fill your eye brows instead of pencil.

Tips & Tricks For Smaller Eyes

Conceal under-eye dark circles and always use the best coverage foundation or concealer cause if your eyes look bright and fresh then they will actually attract the eyes, and keep in mind that beautiful skin and fresh glowing eyes are very important to get bright eyes.

Use white eye shadow as a base coat of your eyes make up as this is one of the best thing that you can do to get bright eyes, always use light colored eye shadow or white eye pencil near the tear dust to make your eyes feel bright and beautiful and this is one way to create the illusion of bigger and brighter eyes as it will instantly give an illusion of opened-up eyes.

Makeup Tips For Small Eyes

Apply the thinnest eye liner possible and use dark gray or dark brown liner instead of black and use black gel pen to apply tight lines in upper water line which will create the depth and mystery in your eyes, and never apply black pencil on inner water line, if you really have to then you can use white pencil to enhance the water line though, you can use nude if you don’t like white.

Smile a lot and that will bright up your eyes automatically.

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