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Tips To Use Hair Straightener

First thing first, we are totally against of using all of these heat releasing things to get beautiful hair and skin and I personally thing that you cannot and you should not use these things to get a temporary looks an sabotage your hair permanently, so try to minimize the use of these tools as much as you can and here are some tips for you to sue Hair Straightener properly and get beautiful hair.

I have straight her and I seriously love curly hair and I do try to get them with some simple steps too and I have a very close friend and she is Indiana and she has those thick curly shiny black hair and I am sharing her way to get straight hair with you guys, and this is a mixture of home remedies and technology and I bet you would love it.

Tips To Use Hair StraightenerFirst of all if you need to look beautiful in one or two days then don’t thing that you can do that in one go, first of all you need to start oiling and try stemming oil method you, use any essential oil and it will work, but if you were born with dry and curly hair then apply a mixture of olive oil and almond oil and use everyday till the occasion and rap a wet hot towel before you wash it and if you have oily and glossy hair then use lavender oil and use aloe vera gel before you wash it.

Straightener To Curl HairNow when the day is here then apply hair mask of mustard oil and yogurt and keep it on for whole 2 hours and then wash it off with running water and your shampoo and apply a thick layer of conditioner and don’t wash all of it, keep few of it in your hair tab dry your hair.

Hair Straightener Tips and TricksNow when your hair are not dripping then cover your hair with a big cloth of linen and rap it straight, don’t fold your hair, and don’t make any kind of curl, dry your hair straight and now when you feel they are a bit moisturized then apply some hair serum on your hair and get ready for hair straightening.

This is the best way to straight your hair and you will love the results 🙂

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