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Tips To Treat Toothache

If you have teeth then you would get toothache few times in your life so here are some very good tips that you need to follow if you have toothache, and the best thing about that is there are no side effects because we are going to use home remedies for that.

Clove: –This is the best thing that you can do for your teeth, Clove loaded with anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial antioxidant and anesthetic properties that are really good for your teeth and gums and it is the best thing for instant relief, to get rid of toothache you just need to dab some clove oil on to your tooth with some cotton ball and hold that ball on the place with another tooth and you can try some hot water gargling that has clove oil in it and that will kill all the germs immediately.

Tips To Treat Toothache

Garlic:-if you have bad tooth and you feeling some sever sharp sensation then you can try some garlic fro that too, and it is one of very ancient trick to handle bad tooth ache with its antibiotic properties and other medicinal properties…. you just need to place a crushed clove of garlic on infected teeth and you can try this tip for three times a day and you will get rid of all the issues of bad tooth.

Guava Leaves: – if you have a guava plant in your home then you can try some fresh guava leaves for your bad tooth too, and for that you just need to chew one or two tender guava leaves and if you don’t want to chew these leaves then you can try to use them as a gagging by boiling it in one glass water for 10 minutes and you will get the same benefits.

Tips For Treating That Toothache

Pepper and Salt:-if you use a mixture of salt and paper to rub your teeth then you will never get toothache and if you are suffering with bad tooth ache then this is the good tips to get rid of that too, and that is good for extremely sensitive teeth too and if you add some mustered oil in that then you can get the best and faster results.

We do have lots of trick to deal with bad tooth ache, but the best idea is prevent bad tooth and for that you need to follow good hygiene routine and you should  brush your teeth twice a day at least, use dental floss every time you eat and before bed time, drink lots of water and eat healthy food, goo healthy and balanced food is very good for a healthy life style and at last, eating too much hard meat, and strong and hard things can make your teeth weak and painful, visit your dentist three times a year.

Look after yourself and enjoy a healthy life.

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