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Tips To Shape Your Own Eyebrows

A pair of well-groomed and shaped eyebrows makes you look well groomed and well shaped it can make you look beautiful and fascinating too, and I always say that you should always book the same Solon and same beautician to get your eye brows done cause this is a very tricky things and when you hire the same artist, she/ he would start understanding your facial hair and will be able to manage the look even more better, but it done not mean that you cannot shape your eye brows at home, you certainly can and here are some simple tips for you to get beautiful  eye brows at home.

First of all you need to pick the right kind and right type of tweezing tools to get perfect eyebrows, and you need a regular mirror cause, magnifying mirror can be a bad idea and you need perfect lightning too get the good view at the extra hair, and always get a look at your eyebrows after few tweezes to see if you are doing right.

Tips To Shape Your Own Eyebrows

Always tweeze your eyebrows after a hot shower cause that will make your skin soft and smooth which will make it easy for your hair to come out without too much pain and now you need to sturdy the shape of your eye brows according to your face.

First of all you need to see if the natural shape looks good on your face or not cause if it does then you preferably just need to clean the look, you need to see what kind of shape you need for your face, fuller, thicker or thin and then you need to see what kind of arch would look good on your face cause it is an important part of the brows, never make it too high or too low, give it a sharp shape to get brighter looking eye.

How to Do Your Own Eyebrows At Home

You can get an idea from celebrities, you can see which celebrity has your kind of face or your kind of eyes and then study the perfect eye brow shape of that woman and get it for your own face.

Now you need to take creamy white or black kohl pencil to outline the brows and make sure to keep it visible and pull out all of the hair out of that line, you can use wax stripes if you have too much hair, but if you are not sure then don’t use it or if you are using it for very first time then avoid waxy at all.

When you are done with your eye brows then rub some alum powder on your eye brows to avoid any kind of infection and it will actually decrees the growth of hair too.

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