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Tips To Keep Your Weight Off

It is very difficult to keep your weight under control, but if you really know how to do that then you can be safe from so many health problems, I know that it is not easy to reduce weighty, but if you have reduces it then you should keep it under control at any cost and you just need to follows some simple and some very easy tips and rules.

Now here are some very simple rules that you need to follow to keep your weight under control and some help your body shape too. You need to keep your activities at maintained level, we know that it is not possible to spend whole day and whole week in gym, but if you have maintained weight and you just want to keep it under control then you can try 4 times a gym for one and half hour and one 45 minutes walk or run during the day.

Tips To Keep Your Weight Off

Try to maintain your food style healthy, if you want to eat unhealthy food or in other words if you miss junk food then you can eat once in a week, but keep in your mind how hard it is to lose weight when you gained it back and try to keep things pretty straight even though you have lost a lot of weighty you still need to keep an eye on your food.

Drink lots of water, you can try to drink 12-18 glasses of water, plain water during a day, but if you cannot drink plain water then you can add 2-4 table spoon of mix fruit past and it taste so good and so yum with chilled water, but don’t add any kind of sweetener or any other flavor, cause we know that we should not drink calories at all.

Keep an eye on your weight and your waistline, never neglect if you are getting fit in your old dresses, if you think that your dress size is getting tight then you need to see what is wrong that you are doing with your body and what is wrong you eating. you know how hard it is to lose weight.

You are just allowed to eat unhealthy food one in a week and other then that you have to eat healthy foods like fresh fruits and vegetables.Buy a big mirror it will help you to see if you are gaining weight with very few pounds which is comparatively easy to lose.

Be happy and enjoy healthy life.

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