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Tips To Get Well Shaped Eyebrows

Eyebrows look very beautiful and make your eyes look fascinating and attractive too, you just need to make sure that you are getting the perfect shape and the perfect angles too and for that you need to either t hire the prop assistance, or you need to know how to get the perfect shape.

Here are some simple tips to get perfect shape:

1-Perfect eyebrows can uplift your face and can totally bring unexpected charm to your face and to get perfect look you need to have thick and dark eye brows so maintain a healthy look and apply Castor oil on your eye lash and brow and lashes and it will help you get a perfect look and try to don’t pluck too much, if you doing for first time then just neat the look and see if look good on you.

Tips To Get Well Shaped Eyebrows

2-If you are trying it at home then pick a thin tipped pair of tweezers and it will actually help you control the hair and start with the underneath the brow and pull hairs in the direction they are growing and it will not only keep your skin smooth and soft and safe too and if you are doing it by yourself then draw a thin line that you require and follow the lead.

3- Before you start plucking, brush your eyebrows in the shape using a brow brush and if you think that you are confused about the look then use hair gel and let it get dry before you start plucking.

Get the Best Eyebrow Shape

4- If you are doing that for very first time then clean your lower hair first and then leave it for a day and then make it clean and still keep it slow, don’t rush or don’t pluck too much, use think tips to get the hold.

5- If you have sensitive skin then you should pluck the hair very carefully and the best time is after a bath or shower when the hairs will come out much more easily and smoothly and if you feel that your hair are getting harder and will injure your skin then you can steam up your skin and it will help your eye brow too.

Best of luck.

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