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Tips To Change Diaperr

As you become the mom of the baby you have to be home at certain things which are of course demands practice as well as patience. These things including others are if done in smooth way they will create easiness in baby growth as well as create comfort for you. To change the diaper is the frequent need of the baby. It is estimated that there will be at least 8 times the diaper should be changed in 12 to14 hours. So it demands practice, however the following steps to be done while changing the diaper of the child.

  1. First to lay down the child at the place which is made by you to change the diaper, surely it will be away from the other sitting arrangements and will be neat and clean.
  2. You will have all necessary things with you while to change the diaper of the child as cotton ball, soft cotton towel, tissue papers and if needed nappy rash.
  3. Now take the child to the diaper changing place and unfasten the old diaper from the belt. Wipe the filth with the tissue paper and as much as you can do get the clean body surface.
  4. Now take the cotton ball and wet it with water and if required use some mild soap added in to it and wipe the area of filth with it and dispose it. For the boy baby from back to front and for baby girl from front toward back
  5. Remove the old diaper by lifting the lower portion of the baby by holding it from ankles and raise it from lower extremities.
  6. After this the new diaper is spread under the baby and if required the moisturizer or nappy rash or any talcum powder should be sprinkled at the creases of the skin.

Now it is fastened as before and the baby is getting ready without filth.


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