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Tips To Buy & Apply Foundation

Foundation is the most important thing in look and if you want a smooth and flows canvas to apply any kind of make up, you would look good and you will look flawless and if you apply marvelous makeup on badly applied and picked foundation then you will end up with bad and retro look and if you don’t want to look funny then here are some simple tips for your to buy and then apply best foundation to get marvelous look.

First of all you need to understand why we apply foundation, we apply to get a smooth and even looking face, even if you have beautiful and healthy skin, still you need to apply a bit of foundation, it’s good that you don’t have blemishes or any kind of scars, which means you don’t need to apply lots of foundation or concealer and you can use the thinnest layer to get best looking canvas to apply makeup, but if you unfortunately have some kind of scares then you can use a bit darker foundation and that will make your face look absolutely ready to apply makeup, never ever think and never even try to apply makeup without a foundation cause you will never look good and you will look clumsy and you probably look uncompleted and unimpressive.

Tips To Buy & Apply FoundationFirst of all you need to pick the foundation, make sure that you are keeping few things in mind when you go to buy the foundation, you need to buy the smallest pack available in case you don’t like the result when you apply at home, keep weather, your skin tone and the ingredients of the product in your mind, you need read each and every tinge that bottle has in small and in large letters, never forget to see if there is something that you might have allergic reactions with.

Now you need to decide which type of look you want, normally foundations comes in many coverage from sheer to heavy, if you have beautiful and healthy skin then you can try a transparent look but if you have any kind of scars then buy a thick kind rather than thinking that these will go in a week or so.

Now the next thing that you need to do is get a perfect shade that match to your skin tone, if you want to get a flawless look then you need to go with a similar shad or you can try to go for one or two shade darker or lighter for your skin tone and buy foundation for the skin you have not the skin you wanted to have and be realistic and very practical.

Tips To Buy & Apply Foundation-Always buy foundation in natural daylight because that will give you the right look of your skin and never check the shade on the backside of your hand or on your arm, always try that on your face, take a small amount if foundation and rub it between your thumb and finger and then apply with your pour on your face and rub and then see if that one is good for you or not, The shade, which seems to get disappear into your skin is the right shade for you and you should buy it.

Now we are going to apply that, always wash your face and splash some chilled water on your face and then apply some moisturizer on your wet face and tab it and then apply foundation your face and it will look better 🙂

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