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Tips To Apply Liquid Foundation

We months back I was literally thinking to stop applying the foundation and I was thinking that I would never be able to apply the foundation perfectly ever in my life, but then I  saw one of my family girls to applying the foundation without any pressure and I waited and I thought we will see how long that foundation will look that perfect, but she was looking the same when she came back home and then I got to ask her the tips and here are the same tips I am shading with you guys cause I want you to get the best and intake look possible.

First thing that you need to know is what is your skin tone and you need to mix the two foundation for the best look and if you feel that then you just fine with your foundation then it is okay, but let me tell you what she does, she is a pearly white and she use a bit brown with that and she use both of them which give her the shade that doesn’t require concealer with that cause she does have some marks on her skin and rather than using concealer she use two foundations.

Tips To Apply Liquid Foundation

No matter what kind of skin you have you need to apply a bit astringent and that will kind of make your skin a bit dry and then when you will apply the mixture of formation and moisturizer then your skin will soak it in and it would look intake and natural for longer time of period, Open your mouth wide open and that will help you diminish the neck area and line at the jaw line and your laughter line, now you need to tab some dotes on your face like all over from your forehead to chine and then now you need to take a slightly wet sponge and start rubbing it all over your face.

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You need to blend it all over your face, if you think that you need some help to spread these dotes then you should use your own hands, but they suppose to be clearly freshly washed and use some moisturizer on your hand and rub them well and then wipe it off with a wet towel and now you need to blend it well and then if it’s hot or you have oily or complicates skin then you need to give it some time to settle down and if you were using water proffer foundation then you can use a splash of chilled water and you will see a magic.

When you done with your foundation and you gave it a bit to get settle down then you can start your make up and finish it with a slightly shimmery face powder.

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