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Tips Lose Weight without Dieting

Tips Lose Weight without DietingWe are sharing some tips that you can use to lose weight even without dieting and if you follow these rules very strictly you will not only lose weight very quickly, but you will get healthy benefits too.Tips Lose Weight without Dieting1

Chew Your Food: – When you eat something and you chew your neurons tell your brain that you are eating something and if you eat something and don’t chew enough then your brain don’t bother if you are eating something or not, and your body store it so when you eat something chew and chew a lot and this will not only make your body ready for that food but you will enjoy your food too and that will satisfy your food buds too.Tips Lose Weight without Dieting2

Never forget your breakfast, never ever skip this meal and that will not only keep you healthy and fresh, but this will keep your carvings at the edge too, your breakfast is the most important meal of the day and if you skip that you get cranky, fatty and it will make your body to store anything you eat at that day cause if you don’t start the machinery it will not work hole day.Tips Lose Weight without Dieting3

Eat healthy food, if you cannot starve or if you cannot skip food then it is best that eat less harmful or good food, eat vegetables, nuts lentil, fruits and things that you get from that land rather than any animal food, I am not saying that meat, milk and eggs are bad, but they are not too good you should try some healthy foods and try to eat uncooked food, never ever cook those things that you can eat uncooked and if you have something in your fridge that doesn’t mean that you should or you have to eat it if it is not good for you then never eat it.

My all time favorite way of losing weight, eat 6 small portions and eat healthy food, and the best way to make healthy options you should eat a portion that can get fit in your palm and you are allow to add some greens, some yellow, lots of healthy nuts and lots of healthy essential beans and fruits.

Make a plate for food of one time and then divide it in three small portions and then add some nuts and some oils in these portions and pack them in air tight packs and eat after every 2 hour and add one serving of fruit with one glass of mill and two servings of snake with juice and drink 18 glasses of water and you will get slim in one month.

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