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Tips For Straightening Curly And Given Them Style

Tips For Straightening Curly And Given Them Style  Curly hair are liked by most of us but the people who posses them want to straight them up. The reason of this is that it is difficult to manage and detangle. The styles given to curly hair are also limited as compared to straight hair. But now it is not difficult to give a new look to your curly hair by straightening them up. You do not have to change the genetic sequence of the curly hair to straight them up. There is just the need of following tips to make them straight. There are two techniques which are used to uncurl them. By the use different straightening tools  By the use of chemicals


In this there are the different tools which work with electro thermostatic control to remove the curls for few hours. For these purpose two most commonly available tools are hot comb and flat iron. With the use of these two you can uncurl your naturally curly hair until and unless you give them wash. Flat iron is most commonly used as compared to hot comb.

It consists of two flat metallic plates which are heated by power supply of electricity. The hair are sectioned and placed in between the two plates of Metals. Then start from the scalp move down ward toward the free edges of the hair. It is used gently and very quick process of straightening the curly hair.

Hot comb is also like ordinary comb and the bristles are of metal. This also works with electric power supply and the processes started from the scalp toward the free ends of the hair.
By using both these methods you can make your hair straight for few hours.


In market many of such products are available for straightening the curly hair. These are also known as hair relaxers. These are artificially synthesized in which different chemicals are used. Some are harsh and have long term effects while others are mild in nature. These products are used according to the type of hair textures.


  1. There is great risk of using the termic tools with straightening process is that roots of hair get weakened.
  2. The heat used will take away the moisture content of the hair and they become more and drier with continuous application of such tools.
  3. Chemical stuff used also drags away the natural hydrated content.
  4. These make the hair brittle and hair texture lost its luster.
  5. Hair follicles sometimes get damaged and baldness is seen if not used with precautions.


  • Used in healthy hair
  • Always keep them away from the roots of the hair.
  • Start the manual tools of straightening from scalp to the free ends.
  • Avoid frequent use of such products.

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