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Tips For Pretty Eyes

If you are one of those woman who wear tons of makeup on their eyes to get beautiful and attractive eyes and if you are one of those who spend money to hide dark circles puffy eyes and weak and small lashes then here are some simple tips for you and if you follow them then you would be able to rock any party without make up.

Take Proper Sleep:- This is one of the most famous and the most important rule for good eyes, you got to sleep for good 8 hours and you need 8 hours of sound and healthy sleep that could refreshes your eyes, reduce your dark circles and give a healthy shine to your eyes and you will get it if you sleep without any kind of disturbance and alarm.

Tips For Pretty Eyes

Cold Water is very good not only for your skin and your body, but it is very good for your eyes too and it is the best weapon to fight with aging signs and stress splashes some cold water on your eyes and on your face time to time and that will not only keep the aging sign away,

Homemade Tips For Beautiful Eyes

but this will make your eyes look shiner and at the same time it will help you getting rid of puffiness or sagginess of your eyes.

Eye Care Tips For Beautiful Eyes

Moisturize your eyes, you can use lubricant eye drops or you can use any plain Vaseline to moisturize your eyes or you can buy the special eye moisturizer that are available all over and don’t just buy it, you should use it too, the area around the eyes had no internal source or any other way to get the moisturizer and this is the thinnest skin of your face so there are huge chances that you get dryness around these areas so make sure you are moisturizing it well.

Makeup Tips For Beautiful Eyes

Curl Your Lashes, for pretty eyes, play with your eyelashes and use a lash curler when your lashes are wet and I bet you would not need a mascara or fake lashes, or if you have small or thin lashes then use castor oil on your lashes every night and you will see the difference within a week, but never quit it:)

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