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Tips For Longer Eyelashes & Thicker Eyebrows

Tips For Longer Eyelashes & Thicker EyebrowsLong, thick eyelashes can be a deal of every girl and every one want a thick eyebrow to get the liberty to get a perfect shape and if you are tired of all of fake and cosmetic helps then here are some simple tips for you to get beautiful and natural lashes and browns.

Here are some tips for you.

Tips For Longer Eyelashes & Thicker EyebrowsMake a mixture with castor oil and camphor oil, and mix it well now wash your face and your eyes specially and then take old and cleaned mascara wand and dip it lightly in the oil mixture and remove the excess oil and apply on the eyelashes and use two to three strokes and then go to sleep immediately and in the morning you need to take a clean towel and wipe it off with it and then wash your face and this is bet thing possible and you can use the same mixture for your eyebrows too and if camphor oil is not available, then  you can sue just castor oil and it will work absolutely fine, Next thing that you can do to get beautiful eyelashes and browns is good 2 tablespoon of lanolin in one cup of water and then add sweet almond oil and after a while add lecithin powder one tablespoon and now store it in simple cool and dark place and apply it on eyelashes and eyebrows and you will notice a difference in one week.

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Apply apple cider vinegar twice a day with cotton wool on eyelashes and eyebrows and it will help your issues perfectly, but don’t open your eyes when you have vinegar on your eyes, you can use rose water to remove it, If you feel that you have dry lashes and brows then you can use plain Vaseline or petroleum jelly on it and rub with your pores, but no pressure at all, you don’t want to push Vaseline or petroleum jelly in your eyes as it will burn your eyes and make them watery.

Look after your eyes and enjoy the natural looks.

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