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Tips For Breast Feeding

As the pregnancy starts the food for the new ones is going to be manufacturing in mothers breast. So she feels tender ness and swollen feeling in breast. It is the way of nature and also the affection of nature to his creation. As the child take birth the first thing he gets from the world is the mother’s milk if all is happening normally.


  • The breast milk is the complete diet to fulfill the child’s body requirements.
  • This is full of antibodies to protect the child from different infections and diseases as respiratory diseases, blood deficiency etc.
  • This milk is easy to digest and the babies who get breast milk will suffer less to constipation or other digestive problems.
  • A hormone oxytocin is secreted while the mothers do breast feeding it will help the uterus to gain normal size and state after child birth soon.
  • The women breast feed have the less chances of risk of breast cancer, uterine and ovarian cancers.
  • They can achieve the normal period flow early.
  • The breast milk has the temperature and fat content adjustments according to the needs of the body.


The breast feeding is the job which needs some practice and usually there are certain specific locations in a hospitals and experts which tell the mother how to breast feed the child. However there are following tips in positioning the child in right way.

  1. Take the child in your lap in such way that his head is up to the rest of the body.
  2. Now wide open the mouth of the child and the lower lip of the child is inverted so that he can get the nipple in the mouth easily.
  3. The nipple is kept as far behind in order to avoid any soreness of the breast.
  4. Change the position to the other side when the child shows aversion to this side, usually after some time when he gets enough from one side he leave the breast and ready for the other side.
  5. After feeding keep him in such position so the digestion becomes easy and not to vomit what he taken in.
  6. At the end it is to say that it is the beautiful phenomena of the nature to feed the child by breast with many healthy benefits hidden within itself both for mother as well as for child.

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