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Tips For Bottle Feeding

Tips For Bottle FeedingThere is no substitute of nature’s milk by breast feeding but sometimes it become essential to give the baby the bottle for feeding.

There May be Variety of Reasons For This Egg

  • The mother’s health is not such to fulfill the requirements of the baby.
  • If the mother is job holder she can’t carry child with herself for feeding.
  • The child not to get satisfied by mother’s milk only.
  • If you’re public exposure is enough and you can not get to feed the child with privacy.
  • In above situations it becomes necessary to feed the child with bottle feeding. So the child gets the full nourishment. Usually the breast feeding will be given after every two hours during early months but it is good that the breast feeding go side by side with bottle feeding, Both these to be started simultaneously in between 3 to 8 weeks after birth.

Tips For Bottle Feeding Twins at the Same Time

To Start The Bottle Feeding Requires Certain Specific Conditions as Follows

  1. First to check the formula or the composition of the milk to be used in bottle feeding, it must be most nearer to the breast milk.
  2. Check its compatibility with child’s health; some times create child digestion and other problems and child body refuse to accept it. The child specialist and your nutritionist will help you in selecting the milk for bottle feeding.
  3. The bottle used for feeding will be of standard quality with the nipple of the whole of specific size.
  4. It should be sterilized and keep at most hygienic conditions so that any chance of infection to be eliminated.
  5. Use the bottles which have construction that with them there will be not swallowing of air. Because it will creates the digestion problems in child. Tilt the bottle in such a way that the chance of swallowing air in the body reduced.

Tips For Bottle Feeding at Night


It is not felt well by the child for the first time and he used to refuse it but it is up to you that how technically you divert him to bottle feeding.

Bottle Feeding Tips and Advice

Following Tips May Work Well

  • First to make the child familiar with it and this may be done if the breast milk is used in it for the first time if there’s no problem in getting it.
  • Thee position for bottle feeding should be adopted should be same as for as breast feeding so the child is not reluctant in taking it.
  • Keep the temperature of the nipple of the bottle and milk same as that of the breast milk temperature.
  • The dad or some other familiar person will be nearer so that the child get fun with him at the time of feeding.

Tips For Bottle Feeding Fussy Baby

So bottle feeding is if given to enhance the feeding by breast it does a wonder full job in child-care.

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