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Tips For Better Sleep

Tips For Better Sleep
If wish to have good sleep we have to eradicate all problems which are hindering our optimal sleep.

Tips For Better Sleep: Not sleeping well is the problem of majority of us. Lack of sleep make us sick, frustrated and irritated.

If wish to have good sleep we have to eradicate all problems which are hindering our optimal sleep. Though it is difficult to solve all sleeping problems but can change the habits which interfere with the good sleep.

Here are some simple sleep tips:

MAKE A SLEEPING SCHEDULE: If you are stick to sleeping and awaking habits and follow it in all circumstances whether in working days or in holidays.

Your consistency to sleep and awake cycle make your body used to it UN intentionally and your sleep will automatically get better. When  you not fall asleep after going to bed in 15 minutes not to toss in bed but get out of bed and try to do something which make you tired. After getting tired you may fall asleep with better sleep.

THINK ABOUT YOUR EATING PLAN BEFORE GOING TO BED: Before going to bed avoid foods and drinks which activate your nerves and stimulate them as coffee and nicotine stuffs. If you are hungry then it will also restrict your sleep and on the hand if you are with stuffed foods then again the discomfort make you getting up. Even alcohol makes you sleepy at first and then in the middle night you got up with clear eyes.

MAKE THE BED TIME RITUAL: Hypnotize your body that it is the time of sleep by listening the soothing music, by reading a book and by taking the warm shower.

The lights of bed rooms are dimmed and relaxing activities take the body toward the drowsiness. Use of electronic devices as TV, Internet and even cell phones discourage the better sleep.

MAKE THE BED ROOM COZY: The surrounding atmosphere when you lay down for sleep affects you much. Make your bed room cozy with low lights, and sound barriers. The temperature of the room adjusted according to the seasonal changes, darkness and quiet environment surely promote the good sleep.

Mattresses, pillows and comfortable bedding plays major role in better sleep. Use the stuffs for bedding which is comfortable and relaxing to your body.

DAYTIME NAP IS LIMITED: The day time nap should not be more then 30 minutes and it may be during the mid afternoon. Adjust the curtains of your bed room and environment cool, but to nap only for few minutes.

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