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Tips For Better Eyesight

Tips For Better Eyesight
The intense light of hot sun shine causes great damage to your eyes.

Tips For Better Eyesight Not to take your eyes as granted feature, it is the great blessing of God. There are certain tips to make your eyes healthy and your vision strong.


MAKE YOUR EYES HAPPY: Our eyes are our most precious possessions. Make them happy as much as you can. We can make them happy by their low effort actions. With this trick we can make our peepers more protective.

EAT FISH TWICE A WEEK: Fish are rich in omega 3 fatty acids which have great contribution to make our vision sharp with all other benefits. If the fish is not available then the supplements of fish also work well for this feature and much more.

USE GOGGLES: To protect your eyes from corneal abrasion wear goggles while swimming. The chlorinated water of swimming pool makes the irritation in eyes.

AVOID DRY AIR: The dry air of air conditioners suck the moisture from your eyes like sponge and make them dry. Adjust the air conditioner of your car so that it will not face toward your eyes. Sometimes the corneal abrasion due to reduced moisture content leads to blindness.

ADD RED ONIONS IN YOUR DIET: Cook with red onions in your diet instead of yellow onions. The red onions are rich in antioxidants and prevent your eyes from cataract.

WEAR SUN GLASSES: Make your habit to wear the sun glasses while going to out side. This not only protects your self from the harsh sun glare but also the wind blows.

SWEET POTATOES: Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin A and these will helpful for improving night vision.

CLEAN YOU’RE EYES: Before going to bed remove your eye make up otherwise the debris of make up stains cause irritation in your eyes.

USE BERRIES: Take bilberries in your diet. These contain the pigment sides which protect the retina from muscular degeneration. Add much of berries in your diet.


AVOID SHARING THE TOWEL: Conjunctivitis or pink eyes are contagious infection which may be due to the use of sharing towels. Use your own fresh towel to protect against infection.


USE BLOCK FOR SUN: A wide brimmed hat is used to block the sun rays while going outside. The intense light of hot sun shine causes great damage to your eyes.

USE SPINACH IN YOUR DIET: It has been observed that the additions of spinach twice a week make your peepers sharp. Latin, in spinach prevent the age relating muscular degeneration of vision.

GIVE THE EYES A BREAK:  After every 30 minutes beep an alarm to remind you that now will give a break to your eyes while reading, searching at internet, or working with eyes. It will refresh your eyes.

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