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The Smokey Eye Make Up

Everyone like to have beautiful perfect look and if they were not born with that look then you can always have that with a help of perfect make up can technique and normally girls think that smoky eyes are the hardest eyes makeup if you are not a professional and I am not very different from you girls, but I actually learn that look from a pro so here is the way to get the perfect look for you girls.

Normally we do whole look and then we come to eye makeup, but if you are doing that smoky look for very first time then I will suggest that apply your eyes make up first and then go for remaining face and that will save your time in case you don’t like it and you want to wash your face so we will start with foundation and I have shared the right way to applying that foundation so many time so I am pretending that you actually know how to apply the foundation and base and we will go straight to eye look.

The Smokey Eye Make Up

I would say that you should use eye prime, no matter what kind of look you are creating, but I would ay that it is soul of smoky eye and it will give you a smooth canvas to get all the blending so you can sue any primer you want or you can use your foundation for that too and spread it very evenly, if you want a perfect look you need to make efforts and blend as much as you can and that will give you the perfect look.

Smoky Eyes Make Up

Now you need to pick which smoky look you want, you can have black smoky eye, a silver one, a teal one or whatever, the only thing you need to pay attention on is blending and you need to blend each and every application and you need to make sure that you are using shades from darkest to lightest and then blend them well.

Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

You need to make a porky look with your liners and shades and then give it a final touch with glitters, you need to use jet black eyeliner and jet black mascara and if you are using a simple pencil liner then you can blend it well and then add some edges with tight line liner technique and it look so good, you can use pencil, crayon or gel formulas or even liquid liners which get dry quickly whatever you want, but if you do not have thick lashes then try some fake one and that will give you a best look.

At the end add some simple black or gray glitter on your eyes, and try not to over loaded with shade though.

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