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The Right Way Of Bridal Make-Up

How to do bridal make up this is important thing to know, because when you go for the beauty salons. You never know that what types of products they use for you.

This is important things, that you know the process that what you need and how you need it .

First of all if you do not go in par lour then you have to know some and some directions for your wedding make up.

Very first thing you have to clean your face that should be with facial masks and herbal treatment and it should not be done on the same day but you have to take care of your skin before one month.

So that on the marriage day you become more and more beautiful as you can. Then you have to pluck you eye brows, you have to bleach your face and your skin. Thread your hair from eyes and upper lips. Remove your hair from arms and legs as well.

Then the foundation on the face come on the first step, after doing all the things. The you have to do the eye make up, that should be in the same color of dress and matching with the eyes color and the color of work that comes on dress.

Apply fake eye lashes and the maskara on your eyes and lens in the last if you want. The come on the cheek bones it should be of lighter tone then the make up color.

You can contort your face as well. Your nose, cheeks and your face bones as well. In the last you have to apply the lip pencil and then in the last the lipstick apply it and remove. And you remove your lipstick once and then apply it once again. Then you will find strong color in the lipstick color.

In the last you have t make your hair style and then give it finishing touch. This will save you money, your time and you can be perfect in this type of make up.

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