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The Classic Bengali Almond Eyes Tutorial

Have you ever saw a pangolin girl, they are blessed with beautiful eyes and hair and if you have simpler eyes or if you just have big almond shaped bight and sharp eyes then here is a experimental look for you and for that we are just going to pick the most simple and the most beautiful eye makeup, just sit down and see if this charm your look or not.

First of all you need to get all of these things, I don’t know if you already have these or not, but you need sharp jet black Kajal, Golden eye shadow, perfect definition eyeliner, hypercurl mascara, eyebrow powder set and plain Red bindi.

First of all you need to apply moisturizer and primer and foundation and now we will start with make up an you need to start with pencil brush and fill in dark brown eye shadow in the sparse areas of your eyebrows and you need to blend it well with smooth soft brush, you can apply a bit more and apply a smooth layer of it as it will make your eyes look more beautiful and charming you need to make your eye brows look thicker and darer.

The Classic Bengali Almond Eyes Tutorial

Now you need to take golden eye shadow and apply it below your brow bone and it with enhance the shape of your eye and eyebrows and if you like then you can use beige or peach-colored eye shadow on the inner half of your upper eye lid, but if you feel okay then you don’t need to do that or you can skip that when you don’t have too much time.

Now you need to draw a thick “V” on the outer corner of the upper lid and use a Q tip or your finger to blend it inwards and you can use a thin brush too but you need to blend it well as much as possible and then you will see that your golden eye shade will give your black liner a shimmery touch and then take brown eye shadow on a fluffy brush and apply that on the crease and crate a sharp line from inner corner to outer edge and try to keep it smooth and don’t blend it too much we need it to create the illusion of  deep eyes.

Bengali Almond Eyes Tutorial

Now you need deep mate liquid black eyeliner and draw a thick winged line on your upper lash line and you can go all the way to the outer corner or further as much as you feel comfortable with and then you need to draw a thin line a little below the lower lash line but don’t start with inner corner, instead start with middle and go outer with the sharp line and that will give your eyes a illusion of almond eyes, now fill the gap with liquid black eyeliner itself and apply mascara and kajal on the waterline,  and you can use tight line your eyes too and now the ultimate move to get the ultimate glow to the face, red bindi.

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