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Teen Medium Hair Styles

Hair style is the versatile feature in gorgeous look. It is the great fun to get flirty look. It is not important to get the trendy style but the important thing is to have hair style which gives you   cute look.  The hair cut is chosen according to the shape of face, personality, and occasion and the time of day, beside this the trendy look is also taken in to consideration.

There are varieties of ideas for teen hair styles and each one has potential to look cute. In addition to this the teen hair styles are flexibility of changing the direction o f hair without many expenses and with little efforts.


  • It is much common now a day. It is the cut of hairs with long layers. This style is very easy to manage. It needs just blow dry and flat brush to maintain. The hairs are dried and then spot flat ironing is done. The spot flat ironing is just to give the fizzy and brighter look of hairs framing the face. These layers can be textured with serum. The advantage of this style is that it can be tied in form of pony tail with the base grip band and braid style is also being given.


  • There are different hairs accessories are available in markets to be used by matching with outfit and give a glam to simple styles, as many head bands. Fancy hair pins are available to decorate the hairs.


  • Simple edgy hair cuts are for medium hairs are dyed with trendy hair colors and highlighted strands are used to give the cute look.


  • This style is also in fashion now a day it is easy to manage and the asymmetry in this cut is more important. The front section may be given the side bang according to your facial feature and it may be given the fizzy touch to create novelty In style. All the beauty of this style lies in its symmetry; if it is kept only to lower section of hair it will give an elegant subtle look to your hair style.

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