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Taupe Smokey Eyes Tutorial

I Like MAC Satin Taupe as it is glamorous, it is velvety, shiny and subtle shade and the shad is pretty frosty and I love taupe shade which is gray brown and I am going to use it for our new smoky eye look, I like it cause it look so cute with brown and burgundy and you can keep experimenting with that shade and you will get a new look every time.

Today I am going to use black shadow, liner and faux lashes with that to get really intense look, so for something a little lighter and more wearable during the day, you can change the look according to your requirement.

As we all know that to get better result we will start with washing, cleaning, scrubbing and moisturizing the skin and then we will start with the primer, we will apply the primer all over the lid first and then we will blend well and then take Constructivist Paint Pot and apply it over the lid on the lower crease and from one corner to outer corner and then we will take a thin tip brush and draw the thin line with Constructivist Paint Pot on the lower lash line too and then we will take Taupe Eye shadow and will apply over the shade  and we will keep blending it a bit on the upper crease, but not too much and then we will take a thin brush to create the outer V with the same shade and we will apply a sharp line over the crease.

Taupe Smokey Eyes Tutorial

Now we will take Carbon Eye shadow and enhance the V with that and we will blend it outward too, but not too far and then we will take a lighter shade of highlighter and we will apply that over the eye brow bone and on the lower lash line too and then blend a silver and white shade on the back side of your hand and apply that over your inner eye corner, now you need to take a fluffy brush to smoky the whole look with that and then take a creamy liner to draw lines on both lash lines and then smudge that too.

Smokey Eyes Tutorial Step by Step

Now I am going to add fake lashes, you can skip it if you want to, apply mascara and then apply the fake lashes and then give your lashes couple of mascara coats for final touch.

I hope you would like it, but if you don’t then let me know what it is, you don’t like in that look.

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