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Taking Care Of New Born

How a beautiful feeling when you have a newborn in your hands. It’s really a sweetest blessing of God to have a baby. The newborn baby is as delicate as a flower. Need to be handled with great care and with great respect.

When you have new born baby in your hands you have taken a leap from pregnancy to a parent. These are the moments of joy as well as stress. Every one wants to become good parent from first day to through out life. Now the newborn is in a different environment and he or she depend upon you for her all needs and for care. Following steps in newborn care should be properly guided and needs special management training.


Diaper change newborn is seemed to be difficult task for some couples. There are different types of diapers are available in market. Disposable and cloth diapers. All these have there own advantages and disadvantages but for each one we have to choose such diapers which are relaxing for the newborn and are compatible for their skin. First lay down the baby at the certain comfortable place and wipe the mess and old diaper. Lift the baby from bottom by holding it from ankles and put the clean diaper under it and fasten it from its belt, if some rash or skin allergy use proper ointment and powder which relief the problem.


To bath the newborn baby are the very enjoyable and happy moments for the baby as well as you some times older ones also help you in this process. First to gather all is needed to bath baby as bathtub, towel, bath lotion, soaps, and all other accessories. Undress the baby in the temperature, which is normal to the body. Use the water for bathing, which is normal heated and bearable to baby’s skin.  Now start bath of the baby by holding in such position that one of your hand is always grasping the baby tightly from his or her dorsal side. First water should be put on neck and then at face. The diaper part is at the end.  After Applying all bathing stuffs, soaps, shampoos of mild nature, completely cover your baby with towel before going to external environment and not to be naked. Dress up him or her with comfortable clothes.


The position is such which is comfortable to you and your newborn baby. You may keep a pillow under your baby to relax his body. The position is such that the suction and the swallowing are easy. The nipples of breast should be nearer enough that the mouth of the baby widens enough to suck the milk. Beside this when the baby leaves the nipple then changes the position or side of breast. When he feeds try to relax yourself and afterward clean his or her mouth with soft tissue paper.


The holding position of your baby changes from time to time. From holding him in lying position, belly position. Hip position or sling position all depends upon the comforts of your baby and you.


If your newborn baby is showing some unusual movements or some unusual weeping it’s the time to visit his or her doctor. The doctor will prescribe the medicine after proper examining and find the exact problem of the baby.


The sleeping time of each baby is different and variable to each newborn baby. Usually it is eighteen hours during first six weeks but afterwards it lessens, as the baby grows older.   The sleeping place of baby is such that it is secured and comfortable either cradle or mother lap.

So it is an important factor that your newborn baby needs to be properly cared and nourished to grow as healthy and useful individual with balanced personality.

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