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Skin Care Tips
This is very important to protect your skin beauty from the daily’s pollution around you whether it is smoke, sand and other pollution. You have to maintain beauty with Skin Care Tips. So, here you can find the latest and easy tips for your beauty.

Makeup Tips To Get Slim Face

Makeup Tips To Get Slim Face | If you are a sugar love then no one can help you get slim face naturally, I know that you would be trying so hard, and you are almost there, a lot bit almost there and what if you need to go somewhere special l and you need to look slim? Here are some tips for you

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How To Apply Blush To Different Face Shapes

Apply Blush To Different Face Shapes | Today we are going to solve one of the biggest issues of your life, today we are going to talk about how to apply the blush on different face shapes and I bet once you will learn it you will never make those polka dots on your cheeks.

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Have A Baby Soft Face

Apply a mask of curd and mustard seeds with pinch of turmeric three times a week you just need to apply that mask and after that scrub it off and if you can then don’t wash it for over a night and then wash it with plain water. Use baking powder for your face, mix it with plain water and let the mixture calm down for a while and they apply it over your face for 20 minutes, if you feel some burning and itchiness then trust me it is okay and then wash it off with chilled water.

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Herbs For Oily Skin [II]

Honey is a strongest astringent possible and it is very good to provide the healthy nutrition and moisturizer to your skin it is best thing that your skin get, It absorbs excess moisture from the skin and reduces the chance of any kind of skin infection

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Herbs For Oily Skin [ I ]

Rose is the kind of flowers cause of its beautiful and amazing looks, but you can actually use it for oily skin, normally we use it for dry and sensitive skin, but it is very good for your oily skin too, rosewater and oil are used in skin care cosmetics as they are effective astringents and exerts cleansing, toning and soothing effect on the skin and you can use it to moisturizes your oily and complicates skin too.

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Treat Puffy Eyes With Simple Tips

Dab your eyes with rose water to get rid of the puffiness and after that place cucumber to reduce under-eye bags and if you get puffy eyes on regular basis then you can keep rose water in your ice cube tray and use one every day on your both eyes, this will not only help your eyes, but it is very good for your skin and your dark circles.

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Get Rid Of Swollen Lip Fast

When you feel the first, very first symptom of swollen lips, get some cold compresses immediately and apply that over your affected area and see the difference, sometime you will get some good result within first 5 minutes, you just need to take some ice cubes and wrap them in a paper towel

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How To Tighten Open Pores In Summer

Normally you can see that open pores are genetically inherited and morally shows unhealthy skin condition, I know that this is not easy, but it is defiantly effective, today we are going to teach you some steps to get rid of these pores

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