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Surprising Things that Make You Gain Weight

Surprising Things that Make You Gain WeightBeing slim and smart is something all of us crave and we make our best to keep our bodies in shape. We exhaust our bodies in exhausting workouts and cut down on our favorite dishes with only one purpose in mind ‘to lose extra weight and become slim and smart.’ But, besides dieting and exercising, it is also imperative to introduce some changes in our dressing and beauty care regime since there are things that can make you gain weight surprisingly.

It has been revealed by latest scientific studies that there are many pretty surprising things that can make you fat unintentionally. However, it isn’t about working out or unbalanced diet, rather it includes donning heels or leggings. Read the full blog and find out how these things can make you gain extra pounds.

Top 3 Surprising Things that Make You Gain Weight

Fake Tan

There is a misconception among the masses regarding fake tan is that it is something that make you look slimmer. But in fact all the sunless tanners have phthalates, chemicals that are believed to make your body more inclined to weight gain. A search done by Swedish scientists reveals that these chemicals promote storing fats around stomach area. Moreover, phthalates causes hormonal imbalance that can lead to weight gain.


Though your wardrobe seems incomplete without a pair of chic black leggings, but scientinst believe that getting into leggings daily can lead you to gain additional pounds. The reason behind is that the extremely tight leggings hem in and support the thigh muscles as well as core and buttocks muscles in your belly and perform the function these muscles are supposed to perform. Consequently, your muscles become lazy which result in flabby hips, buttocks and stomach.

High Heels

In addition to leggings, wearing high heels habitually can lead you to gain extra pounds. The matter is that using high heels often brings about fault in your posture which in its turn tilts the pelvis forward allowing the belly contents to spill forward and make you look fat.

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