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Sunless Tanning Lotion

Sunless tan is the application of such chemicals on the body which produce the same effects as sun rays produce. Such methods are used because of endanger to over exposure to UV may cause skin cancer, and wrinkles on the skin. There is variety of ways for artificial tanning as by the use of sprays, lotions, bronzers, air brush tanning, etc.

So now it is possible to get the beautiful glowing skin by your own without going to harmful rays of sun or lying on tanning beds. So there is wide range sunless tanning from towel lets to tanning spray by you. If you want self tanning without going to the sun rays then self tanning works best, you may see the results after a week with glowing skin. Here are some tips for the self skin tan plan.

  1. First to do exfoliation to remove the dead skin and get the best results. So exfoliate your whole body with some scrubber to slough off the dirt and dead cells after cleansing. Not moisturize the skin because it will hinder the skin tan to adhere with skin. The rough areas of body as elbow, knees are specially attended. Some Vaseline is applied on nails so that the cuticle is protected from staining.
  2. Apply these products on dry skin. And do massaging in circular motion and rub until it is fully absorbed in the skin. If the desired color is not obtained apply one more layer to the skin and rubbed in the same manner. The next layer is applied when the previous get dry fully.
  3. While the tan is not dried avoid clothing because it will leave the stains on the clothes. So you may use fan to dry the tanning lotion.
  4. After the tan is used then wash your hands thoroughly, the palms and finger nails to remove the stain completely.
  5. After tanning if you want to check the color then see the dark spots and streaks and darker areas of the skin specially elbows and knees. If some area remains different then apply another layer or if some has orange shade or blotchy appearance you may use lemon juice or vinegar. To remove the extra skin tan and make it even.


Two ingredients are having extra tanning abilities when mixed together. It gives the natural bronze and is also easy to make. Take one tablespoon of white unscented lotion and one table spoon of coco powder and mix them well too get the smooth paste and apply with make up wedge or sponge. It will works till next shower.

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