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Summer Beauty Tips For Glowing Skin Tricks

Summer Beauty Tips For Skin CareSummer season is most intensive for skin due to harshness of blows of heat especially Summer Beauty Tips, when you have to go out side for different jobs. In this season to maintain your skin healthy as well as glowing needs to be the matter of attention. With the change of weather our plan of skin care is also be changed .to cope up the environmental effects. In summer the UV rays effect the skin and cause damage to the skin some people can’t tolerate the adverse effects of summer.

The common problems of skin during summer are skin blemishes. Opening pores, perspiration at certain areas as upper lips. At eye pouches if present much oily skin. So all this need the proper planed care, if it is not be done it will persist and then difficult to recover. The skin care during summer needs proper cleansing, toning and moisturizing. These will if done properly will work magically throughout the year “Summer Beauty Tips”.

Summer Beauty Tips

Summer Beauty Tips For Skin Care

  • In summer the most important care is to protect the skin from UV rays. For this purpose use sunscreen with 15 SPF, while going in hot. It must be used while go to kitchen in summer season. Naturally the application of cucumber juice is when applied it will also protect the skin from heat of summer.
  • Skin mask to tighten the pores opened by hot weather should be used frequently. For this purpose use mud mask with rose water and few drops of olive oil are added in to it to revitalizes the skin.
  • The mixture of cucumber juice. Mint, rose water and honey will give the skin healthy look. It will be applied twice in a week in summer season.
  • If gone outside then on coming to home you may wash your face with splashes of cold water or icy water, you may massage your skin with ice for 5 minutes.
  • Exfoliation is also done regularly to remove the dead cells and to keep skin glowing. For summer exfoliation is done with apricot scrubber or any other fruity scrubber which will give the soothing effect to the skin.
  • Before applying any make up  remove the extra oil from the skin  using any astringent
  • The makeup applied in summer season should be water based not oil based because already the skin is much oily, and it will be removed carefully at night keeping your skin healthy.
  • If skin tanned with hot summer then take one tea spoon of skimmed milk and four tea spoons of water and make an ice cube of it by keeping it in freezer.  Massage your skin with it regularly at night before going to bed for 10 minutes.
  • To remove extra oil from the skin add lemon juice in cold water and wash your face with it frequently.
  • The aloe Vera also plays the major role in  keeping the skin healthy , its juice is extracted  from leaves  and applied simply on face  it will keep the skin soft without its greasy  looking.
  • Rinsing of your skin with coconut water is very beneficial in summer to keep it healthy and glowing.
  • Use of papaya pulp at the skin for 15 minutes will keep it younger looking and protect it from tanning.

Summer Beauty Tips For Glowing Skin Tricks

With above all above remedies for skin care in summer there are much more home remedies do marvelous job to maintain the skin beauty and fight with the harsh weather.

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