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Stunning Hello Kitty Nail Designs for Holidays

Stunning Hello Kitty Nail Designs for HolidaysAre you seeking stunning ideas to spice up your nails for festive holiday season? Well, read through the article to find out latest trends in the nail art.

Hello kitty nail art is one of the latest nail art trends, you can see a number of females enjoying the cute hello kitty figure on their nails. Making such designs isn’t much difficult, you just need the basic nail art tools, your favorite nail polish colors and a little practice of free hand nail art. Here are some simple ideas to create exquisite and attractive hello kitty nail art designs.

Heart Hello Kitty Nail Art

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Heart hello kitty nail design is one of the most versatile nail art designs. You can use any vibrant color with the combination of black and white to make this amazing design. Don’t forget grabbing yellow and metallic brown shade to complete the hello kitty look. Firstly, paint all your nails with your favorite bright color of nail polish. Then draw tiny white heart shapes with black out line on all nails except nail of small finger at different places. After that, paint the tip of small finger with metallic brown polish and draw the hello kitty at the base using white black and . Sweep on the top coat and you are finished with wonderful heart hello kitty nail art design.

Ladybug Hello Kitty Nail Art

Ladybug Hello Kitty Nail Art

If you want to make a most adventurous and fun-filled design, then go for ladybug Hello Kitty nail design. To create, this look paint the particular ladybug design on all the nails but leave the ring fingernail. Now paint the ring-finger nail entirely black and draw a cute hello kitty on it using white, yellow, red and black polishes. Alternately, you can use the nail stencil with hello kitty image for this. Don’t forget applying the top coat to give your design a finishing touch.

Easy Hello Kitty Nail Art with French Manicure

Easy Hello Kitty Nail Art with French Manicure

If you aren’t a professional of freehand nail art and wish to enjoy the hello kitty nails without involving in any complication, then you can opt for hello kitty nails with French manicure. For this, firstly do the traditional French manicure with light pink base and clear white tips. Grab a silver glittering polish and use it to make a fine strip where the pink color ends and white starts on all the nails. Then paint a hello kitty image on the tip of large-finger nail. Give the design a finishing touch with the application of top coat. This design is suitable for the girls and women who are like sophisticated look in everything.

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