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Stunning Eyes With Dashing Colours…

Wearing colored contact lenses to accessorize your dress or to simply add flair to your personality is a hot trend nowadays. A large variety of party and event appropriate fashion lenses is available today that give you exactly desired effect according to the event you’re going to attend.

Times were that when the contact lenses were designed keeping only single purpose in find; then, only people with vision problem who did want wearing eyeglasses could switch to lenses with the recommendation of their eye care professional. It was an easy yet unnoticeable way to correct the vision.

Colored Contact Lenses….

In the colored contact lenses, the color, tint or design is fixed right over the lens and the central part of the lens that fits over the pupil of the wearer remains clear so that he/she can see everything without any hindrance and difficulty.

The tints enhance your original eye color, print wild motif and logos over your iris or totally change your eye color to give you a really weird look. These contact lenses enable you to have different eye color everyday.

When it comes to buy a pair of colored lenses, there are two types of lenses you can choose from- enhancer contact lenses and opaque contact lenses.

Enhancer Contact Lenses

These contact lenses make your eyes look brighter, change their color a bit and add sparkle to them. Best option for those having light-colored eyes.

Opaque Contact Lenses

These lenses can completely change your natural eye shade and are great for those having dark-colored eyes.

Who Can Wear Colored Contact Lenses

Many colored lenses can be ordered in ‘plano’ form for those who don’t want vision correction. There are also designed for those who need bifocal correction and for people with astigmatism.

Recommendation from a talented doctor or eye care professional is always necessary to use colored contact lenses.

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