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Stay Healthy With Thyroid Disease

My grandma and my eldest sister had the symptoms of the thyroid disorder , but I never thought that I could get it, and then doctor diagnosed my sister with under-active thyroid and I still thought that I cannot possibly get this, I was 6 and half stone with 5 fit 4 inches and I was living  a very healthy life with perfect six meals a day and 3 hours yoga or gym training and three hours of swimming in a week and I thought, I am healthy and then I started getting some blowing sensation inside my tummy, I started feeling like am getting blotted and am getting bigger without gaining weight and after that I start getting restless leg syndrome, I start feeling chilled all the time, these are not the signs or symptoms of thyroid, but that was what I felt and when I went to surgery they diagnosed me with under-active thyroid and I saw myself getting size 16 from size 6.

Doc told me that you are getting water retention don’t use salt, but use iodine and I though how am I gona do that, eat iodine without salt? Iodine is now separate and I tried so many things and then I simply quite and start gaining weight without any reason, I was not eating too much and I was gaining and that was so frustrating, but now I know how to live a healthy life with the thyroid.

Stay Healthy With Thyroid Disease

First and the most important thing, take your medicine and your medication very seriously, you have to talk to your doc about each and everything, you have to keep talking to your doc about the way you feel and the way you behaving with your med and I am sure they will solve all of your questions.

Normally when you lose weight with thyroid and you ask your doc for some help they give you almost similar way as you use without the disorder, but with a thyroid condition you have to kick it up a notch, you need to stick with your diet plan, you have to work a bit harder than harder and you have to be very careful regarding you water intake too, if you feel that you are getting water retention then you need to get your salt intake check.

4 Ways to Keep a Healthy Thyroid

Have a cup of green tea, and you will feel more energized and motivated to exercise, you need to run for 45 minutes twice a day, wear knee and ankle splint before running and try to run with intensity.

Add the recommended amount of fiber to your diet, don’t list to people when they say that you should quit fiber, you need to eat healthy and balanced food, I am not sure if you can eat rise with that, but I think you should not, eat healthy fruits and uncooked vegetables and try to use health fruits rather than sweeteners.

I am going to share a blog about home remedies to treat thyroid really soon, and mean while keep healthy and active, and love the way you are, you at least have a life, ignore people cause they don’t know what you are going through, I do, so love you all and take really good care of yourself.

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