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Special Homemade Wax For Your Skin Smooth and Flawless

Special Homemade WaxToday we will try to make sure that you get a wax that will not only make your skin smooth and flawless but it will reduce the growth rate of unwanted hair and here is the method of this special wax that you can make at your home with these main ingredients.

You need Brown Sugar, 500g-Vitamin C tablets, 20 crushed-Glycerin one tablespoon and one small pinch of Alum and one cup of Boiling water for this wax and now you just need to make it.

Now put water on hear and add alum in it and let it cook for next 15 minute s and when you see that just half of cup water left and then add sugar, vitamin C tablets and glycerin, and cook it for next 2-5 minute and then keep it in a clean jar and when you need to use it just put the jar in microwave-safe container and use it where ever you want and it will not only make your skin smooth and soft and clean your unwanted hair, but it will clean dead cells and make your skin look fairer and younger.

If you keep waxing on regular basis then it will reduce the density of hair growth and if you are using the best brand and the best wax possible then it will help you skin and it can make you feel smoother and silkier and never forget using lotion afterward.

If you have fine and thin layer then try bleaching it rather than wax and the best natural bleach for skin is a mixture of lemon juice and honey and if you use this mixture everyday, you might get other beautiful impacts too, and you can use a past made of sugar, lime juice and water and then apply that mixture in the direction of the hair growth and let it get dry, it might take a while and then wash it off and try it two times a week.

The regular use of alum powder can reduce the growth of unwanted hair too.

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