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Spa Mud Baths | Spa Treatments

Spa Mud BathsSpa Mud Baths – Mud bath is the type of bath used to pamper the mind, body and soul. It was used from centuries, common in those areas where the hot spring water is combined with volcanic ash.

CHARACTERISTICS: In it the body is submerged in the mud at the temperature of 100F for 10 -15 minutes. After mud bath mineral shower is taken and move to whirlpool and then wrapped in blanket to cool down body.


The type of the mud bath depends upon the location. Mostly it will be of three types;

  • Natural hot springs.
  • Ancient lakes.
  • Sea beds.

Each type has its own distinct benefits and to be used for different objectives, to relief the   body and mind stress, to rejuvenate the skin, to cure the arthritis.

HOT SPRING MUD BATH: It is taken from the natural hot springs which water is full of natural minerals. It will replenish the skin with mineral, draws the toxins from the body and give relief to the muscular pain. Calistoga, and California, is the places where these types of springs are found and have the volcanic products and different minerals.

LAKE MUD: It is taken from the ancient lakes located in Europe. Moor lakes of Australia are the ideal situation for this type of mud bath. It exfoliates and tightens the skin by making it firm. It reduces the fine lines and wrinkles from the skin and replenishes the body with different beneficial minerals. Egyptians and Romans take this bath for therapeutic purposes

SEA MUD: Cleopatra takes the bath from the Dead Sea mud. It has plenty of benefits   in it as cures many skin disorders and many physical problems. People travel to Israel to take this bath or the mud from this is imported for bathing purposes. The Dead Sea has very unique bio sphere as it is located 400 meters below the sea level and the sun rays are longer there as compared to other places and make it perfectly healthful.

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