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Sore Breasts From Breastfeeding

Sore Breasts From BreastfeedingSore Breasts From Breastfeeding – Soreness of nipples is seen in new feeding mothers, it is usually initiated with the breast tenderness which disappears after few days. But when the condition persists it will be difficult for mothers to feed the baby, it make the breast much painful.

Here are some causes of soreness of nipples:


  • If the baby is not latching properly or poor positioning may result the soreness of nipples.
  • If the baby is sucking or pulling from the nipple not from the areola (the brown area around the nipple).
  • Older babies who are teething also hurt the nipples.
  • If the babies take the solid diet and leftover particles in mouth irritate the soreness of nipples.
  • Some soaps and body lotions or sprays contain the harsh chemicals which may cause the infection.
  • A badly fitting bras, breast pads, plastic lining may cause the breast infection or soreness of nipples.


  • While feeding your baby he /she should be positioned properly. His/her mouth is widened   as take the areola fully in mouth. His/her head is tilted in the proper way to take the areola easily without hurting the nipple.
  • While feeding, change the position of the baby so the pressure on the nipple is divided equally.
  • Application of cold compresses on the nipples before feeding will alleviate the sore nipple problem.
  • Not to discontinue the nursing as the frequent nursing will reduces the soreness because the accumulated milk in ducts creates much soreness.
  • Exposure to the air will prevent the growth of thrush. Avoid wearing the nursing bra with flaps. Expose the nipples in sunlight for 30 seconds in the beginning and then up to 3 minutes.
  • Apply olive oil, sweet almond oil and lanolin cream to your nipples during the pregnancy and in the beginning of nursing .It will prevent the cracks, tearing and chapping of the nipples.
  • Application of comfrey cream softens and strengthens the nipples.
  • Calendula lotion is helpful in treating the cracked nipples.
  • Make a strong decoction by mixing 2 oz. of Squaw vine with 1 pint water. Add an equal amount of good cream and boil it to a consistency of soft salve. Once cool, strain and apply over the nipples after feeding. For cracked and painful breasts simmer handful of elderberry blossoms in ½ cup of oil. When it gets cool strain it and applies on the breast.
  • Take silica, calc flour and vitamin E for cracked chapped nipples in carefully selecting quantities.

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